1. thoughtsupnorth:

    oh what’s this??? an opening comic panel maybe?? (answer: yes)

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  2. kvtes:

    iced coffee + quality time with my favorite Artist; the Lord.

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  4. themountainlaurel:

    Kelsey Cherry Photography

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  5. elenamorelli:

    { the sky is on fire }

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  6. growingwildly:

    Cindy Louridge Photography

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  7. surf-fear:

    photo by Patrick Ruddy

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  8. ellithor:

    The West coast of the South Island of NZ. The place where mitsubishi L300 vans go to clone themselves…

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  12. thingsorganizedneatly:

    SUBMISSION: Jelly Bean series (2 of 5) “Smoothie Blend” (3.5 oz) - flavors in order of appearance: Cherry Passion Fruit; Mandarin Orange Mango; Mixed Berry; Pineapple Pear; Strawberry Banana — K. Emmons